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The Black Polar Bear

Walt Whitman


raging lyre bird

this is a beautiful creature. it is amazing to me how the birds can communicate with each other. some of the sounds were really elaborate and crazy. over time the noise could become annoying but for the couple minutes i watched i thought it was cool.


love big daddy

Real or Fake?

In today’s society people are all about how they look and what they have. It is not a bad thing to want to look good or want nice things but sometimes we just get carried away with it. To be a model a women has to be 6foot and weigh 95 lbs! That is ridiculous. Women believe that they have to have the nicest make-up and completely cover their face with it. Our perception of beauty is completely messed up. The truth is the ones in the commercials that every one wants to look like aren’t even real. Most of them are totally photo shopped.


You Crazy Witch

If I were accused of being a wizard I would definately not go along with it to get out of less trouble. I wouldn’t be able to just sit there while they accuse me of stuff that I didn’t do. This is a cool website but could have been more realistic. Like you were really there by having sound or something instead of you having to read the whole time. 


These are the Withes you think about. Not the women in Puritan society. These witches are totally different from each other. The Puritan were falsely accused. However the withes like the one in the picture above used real spells and Devil worshipping. Over time our views on witches have changed. Today we view witches very different from how people used to.


Love your Big Daddy

Looks Can Be Deceiving

this exercise was extremely difficult for me. Out of the 20 i only placed 7 of the people in the right place. In my opinion there was only one person that looked of the black race, and it turns out he was hispanic! So that shows me that my technique did not work at all. I didn’t really have one anyways. It was mostly just looking at how dark their skin as rather than the way the looked. This just goes to show you can’t judge people on their race. People should not just look at the exterior things. It’s on the inside that matters.


I believe that using a blog is a good way to express yourself.  I have never blogged before so i am excited to do so.  I don’t know much about blogging but am looking forward to being able to use and navigate it.  This should be a great learning experience.  I am very much ready to learn.

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